FluentCast Podcast

A beautiful, fast, responsive, free and Ad-free podcast app designed for Windows 11

app screenshot

Lights on or off?

The FluentCast automatically adapts to the Windows 11 theme, or you can choose your favorite theme. You are in control

theme support

Find your new favorite podcast

Browse the most popular podcasts by gender. The charts are available by iTunes

Top podcasts from iTunes - screeenshot

Keep track of your progress

With the playback history, you can know when and which episode you listened to, see your progress and continue from where you left off

Playback history - screenshot

Listen even off-line

Download any episode of any podcast and listen even when there is no internet. The FluentCast downloads new episodes automatically in the background

Auto download - screenshot

Videos and Picture-in-Picture support

FluentCast supports videos too! Watch any video podcast. In-app, in full screen or in Picture-in-Picture

Video and Picture in Picture support

Chapters? Yes, we have

With chapters support, the FluentCast lets you know in which minute the topic that interests you is discussed in an episode 1

Chapter - screenshot

Go with your library wherever you want

You can import and export your podcast library with OPML files, compatible with dozens of other podcast apps

Import and export podcasts with OPML files - screenshot

Keep up to date

Would like to know when the new episodes of your favorite podcasts were released? We can help you. In the app settings, allow us to send notifications and as soon when we know the episode came out, we notify you

Notifications - screenshot